“By taking away a big financial burden we were able to concentrate on making sure Chris received the best care possible and help him focus on health and healing.”
Paul and Chris Dugan - Clearwater, FL Market Center

Paul Dugan’s son, Chris, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, just three days after his 13th birthday. He spent the next 10 months in and out of the hospital for chemo treatments and various surgeries. It took a year for him to be able to walk un-aided.

Fast forward to the present, all post chemo scans have been clear. Chris started 10th grade. He turned 15 and was able to get his driving permit. He is very involved with the youth group at his church, Boy Scouts of America, and he is currently working on his Eagle project. He has been working with a personal trainer at the YMCA who has received additional training and accreditations for working with cancer patients and he has made amazing strides in improving his overall health.

He was asked by the director of their local YMCA to be the guest speaker at one of the Livestrong classes offered to current cancer patients. Chris proudly stood in front of 15 cancer patients that he had never met and shared his story and journey of faith.

Paul says reaching out to KW Cares during a time of tremendous emotional and financial stress was a very humbling experience, but was also a tremendous blessing.