KW Cares grants provide a degree of assistance for Keller Williams associates and their families experiencing hardship as a result of a sudden emergency. Hardship is defined as a difficult circumstance that a person or family cannot handle without outside help.

Characteristics of a KW Cares grant:

It is a one-time grant, except as special circumstances may dictate. It does not endeavor to resolve situations more appropriately funded by the government or other social institutions.

KW Cares is not able to give grants for:

  • Residential or nonresidential substance abuse facilities or treatment
  • Unconventional treatment for cancer or other serious illnesses
  • Legal issues such as divorces, child custody issues, adoptions, etc.
  • Debt relief, compensation for lost wages, or to bridge gaps in income unrelated to a specific emergency situation

Required supporting documentation:

  1. Letter summarizing the situation and the financial hardship created by it
  2. The amount of the need
  3. The amount being requested
  4. What the market center has done to provide financial and other assistance to the applicant
  5. The market center’s plans for continued assistance, if needed
  6. Two most recent signed federal income tax returns in their entirety with 1099s and/or W-2s attached
  7. Copies of most recent statement(s)/bill(s) for assets and liabilities
  8. Copies of most recent statement(s)/bill(s) for income and monthly expenses
  9. Copies of bills for medical (or other) and/or living expenses which have been incurred as a result of the situation
  10. Signed physician’s statement (if this a medical situation)
  11. If the applicant has health insurance, please submit a summary of all claims from the insurance provider indicating the patient’s responsibility for the charges, if applicable
  12. If the applicant has homeowner’s flood or wind insurance, please submit limits of coverage, if applicable

Who is eligible for a KW Cares grant:

Associates of Keller Williams Realty (Associates) and their spouse/domestic partner, children, parents and siblings, and employees of Keller Williams Realty International (Employees) and their spouse/domestic partner, children, parents and siblings, faced with financial hardship due to unexpected major emergencies, are eligible to apply for KW Cares grants after a six month waiting period from their official KW start date. The waiting period is waived during natural disasters. The emergency must befall one of the qualified individuals (as defined above) or another relative living in the household of the qualified individual who is dependent upon the qualified individual.

How to apply for a KW Cares grant:

STEP 1: With your team leader, determine if your request meets the eligibility requirements and criteria of hardship due to a sudden emergency.

STEP 2: Complete the KW Cares Grant Application.

STEP 3: Have your team leader or the grant applicant write a letter specifying the following:
Summarize the associate's emergency and financial situation Indicate the amount of the need Indicate the amount being requested
Indicate what the market center has done to provide assistance to the applicant
The market center’s plans for continued assistance, if needed
*The KW Cares Board of Directors looks closely at the level of involvement and direct support that the intended recipient has received from the local market center. This is not to say that grants won't be made to individuals unless their market center has also contributed. However, the market center and/or region will be asked to explain if no support has been given.

STEP 4: Once approved at the market center level, forward the completed Grant Application Form to the regional director for signature.

STEP 5: The region will fax the Grant Application with all required signatures, cover letter and supporting documentation to KW Cares at 435-514-2229 or email it to

STEP 6: The Grant Application will be reviewed by the KW Cares Board of Directors for approval. Please allow up to 30 days following receipt of all required documentation for a response.

STEP 7: If the grant is approved, have the team leader provide KW Cares with updates on the applicant by sending in any of the relevant photographs, newspaper clippings, or letters to: KW Cares 1221 South Mopac Expressway Suite 400 Austin, TX, 78746