Fundraising for KW Cares

Keller Williams market centers and regions across North America fundraise for KW Cares in order to provide emergency financial assistance to members of the KW family in need due to sudden emergencies and board-designated charities aligned with the mission and values of Keller Williams Realty and KW Cares.

Proceeds from KW Cares-endorsed fundraisers must benefit KW Cares 100 percent.
NOTE: In your advertising and during the event, you must clearly disclose to donors, sponsors, and the general public exactly how the money from your fundraiser will be distributed.

Step 1:
Fill out the Fundraiser Agreement.
Please Note: KW Cares does not permit fundraising activities that include gaming for profit, goods or services, i.e., poker, casino nights, raffles, bingo, etc.

Step 2:
Fax the signed Fundraiser Agreement to KW Cares at 435-514-2229 at least 30 days prior to making a financial commitment or contractual agreement for the fundraiser. Include a draft of all materials on which you want to use the KW Cares logo (fliers, ticket stubs, advertisements, etc.).

Step 3:
If approved, you will receive a counter signed copy of the Fundraiser Agreement from KW Cares endorsing the agreement. Retain this for your records. Upon approval of your printed materials, a copy of the KW Cares logo will be mailed to you.

Step 4:
While planning the fundraiser, use the Event Reconciliation Packet to record donor details. We must have complete donor information in order to provide donors with receipts for their contributions, to the extent allowed by law. Checks for tickets, sponsorships, etc., must be made out to KW Cares.

Step 5:
Within 30 days of completion of the fundraiser, submit the following to KW Cares:

  • A completed Event Reconciliation Packet
  • Copies of receipts for all expenses
  • Proceeds from the fundraiser

If you require more than 30 days to reconcile your event, please contact KW Cares at or (512) 327-3070.

Step 6:
Allow 10 business days to process your reconciliation. To expedite this process, please ensure that your reconciliation paperwork is complete and balances. KW Cares will provide receipts to donors for whom complete contact information is provided with the reconciliation, as allowable by law. IMPORTANT: Keller Williams Realty Cares will not endorse an event used to promote a market center's business, to secure listings or to recruit associates; to promote a political agenda or candidate for office. The event should be limited exclusively to raising money for Keller Williams Realty Cares. The event should be a charitable event, not a commercial one. All money raised must be donated to KW Cares. If a market center wants to cover its costs from the proceeds, it needs to advise donors.


Fundraising for Associates In Need

Fundraisers Your Market Center can conduct a fundraiser for an associate in need. Proceeds must be given to the associate directly and donations are not tax deductible, however the amount raised for the associate does count towards the market centers' annual charitable giving $30,000 goal. Monetary Gifts to the Associate in Need In order to provide assistance to an associate in need, a Market Center must always collect and give checks made payable to that individual directly. These are considered gifts and are not tax deductible donations. When an applicant applies for a grant from KW Cares he/she needs to indicate what has been done to support the applicant financially and in other ways. The Market Center should always be the first line of support for an associate in need in the spirit of "family helping family". Market Centers should track their own progress toward their goal.


Fundraising for Another Charity

KW Cares encourages Market Centers to raise money to benefit local charities. We advise you to consult directly with the chosen charity regarding their policies and procedures, and their receipting practices. The KW Cares logo and name are not used in conjunction with fundraisers for other charities.