Ideas for Fundraisers

Here are some ideas for fundraisers you might want to consider in your market center. Please note: Submit the Fundraising Agreement when fundraising for KW Cares. Fundraiser Agreement Form.


Easy Fundraisers ( 0 to 4 weeks to plan & conduct )


  • Pot Luck Lunch

    Dishes are donated, diners pay a fee.

  • Bad Pants/Hair Contest

    Who has the ugliest pants in their closet? Do they dare to wear them to the Market Center? Who can come up with a Marge Simpson hair-do? Charge an entry fee and donate the proceeds to KW Cares.

  • Telegram Service/Singing Telegram

    Who has a great voice that they can show off? Pay $15 to have a singing (or recited) telegram delivered. (Mo loves it when we serenade her!)

  • Candy/Bake Sale (with nearby change jar to donate spare change)

    Have a few associates bake some cookies and brownies or buy bulk candy to sell for proceeds benefiting KW Cares or the Local Emergency Fund.

  • Ice Cream Social

    Great for just before the Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day Weekend! Just how creative can you be with sundaes?

  • "Dareyoke"

    Know someone who just hates to get up in front of a group? Arrange an office Dareyoke night! Someone throws $20 into a pot and dares another person to sing “Sea of Love” or some other torch song. Others who want a piece of the action can put into the pot as well. Once the pot is as big as it is going to get, the person who has been challenged to sing can either match the pot and get out of singing or sing away! No expense!

Medium Activity Fundraisers ( 1-2 months to plan & conduct )

  • Bowling Tournament

    Download our bowling tournament packet.

  • Vendor Fair

    Share a building with other companies that can provide services to your associates? Host a vendor fair and charge each company for a table to promote their services.

  • Scrapbook Crop Night

    Have associates that like to scrapbook, but have a hard time finding time? Put together a scrapbook crop where everyone comes together to get work done and share tools and tips! Entry fee goes to KW Cares or your Local Emergency fund.

  • Fashion Victims' Ball

    How tacky can one get? Find out by sponsoring a Fashion Victims' Ball. Download our gala packet!

  • Garage/Rummage Sale

    All items donated with proceeds going to KW Cares!

  • Restaurant Night

    Many restaurants will offer a percentage of their sales to a charitable (501(c)(3)) organization for every person who comes in and mentions the offer. See how much your Market Center can raise by going out to dinner!

  • Tailgate Party

    End the week in your parking lot with a tailgate party and collect donations for KW Cares.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Fee to play, winner gives all to KW Cares.

  • Movie or TV Night at the MC

    The Office is always a good one! Charge for admission, popcorn, and canned soda. And don’t forget the Junior Mints!

  • River Race

    Race down your local river by canoe, raft, or tube!

Large Events ( 2-6 months to plan & conduct )

  • Golf Tournaments

    Make sure you have enough interest and financial resources to undertake a golf tournament. Expenses are high and you want to do better than break even! Contests (closest to the pin, longest drive, loudest knickers, etc.), snacks, beverage cart and hole sponsorships all add to the amount of the proceeds. Download the golf tournament packet.

  • KW Idol

    Did you know that Jordan Sparks’ mom was a KW Agent when Jordan won American Idol? Find out who is your market center’s idol. Charge an entry fee for performers and a fee to see the performances. Who will be your Randy, Paula and Simon?

  • Denim and Diamonds Gala

    Who says that jeans and bling don’t go together? Put together a fun-filled informal/formal gala.

  • Biggest Loser Contest

    Challenge your associates to become healthier by participating in this contest. Charge an entry fee or ask for others to sponsor the participants.

  • American Bandstand

    Recreate Dick Clark’s popular ‘50s show for a retro dance night. You must include a twist contest!

  • Chili Cook-off

    Everyone's idea of chili is different. See how many different kinds of chili can be cooked up in your Market Center. Fire up those crock pots! Give prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

  • Dog Show

    Who is the Best in Show at your Market Center? Charge an entry fee. Show the movie!

  • Regional Excursions (make sure liability insurance is in place)

    • Whale Watching
    • Deep Sea Fishing
    • Canoe/River Raft Trip
    • Jeep tours
  • Fishing tournament

    Find out who the best angler is in your Market Center. End with a hot dog roast.

  • Mystery Theater Dinner

    Many cities have theaters that offer the classic murder mystery dinners. Charge a few dollars more than the ticket and put your associates to work to figure out who dunnit!

  • Auctions

    Download our auction packet!

    • Live auctions create the most energy and competition
    • Silent auctions get interesting at the end
    • Be creative with auction items such as Specialty Themed Baskets:
      • BBQ
      • Kitchen Tools
      • "Your State" Items Basket
      • Spa Basket
      • Book Basket
  • Cookbook Sales

    Get the gourmets in your Market Center to divulge their culinary secrets in a Market Center Cookbook

Market Center Local Emergency Fund Fundraisers

KW Cares does not endorse events that involve gaming/gambling, but they are okay for Market Centers to do to build their emergency funds. Make sure you know your state's laws governing gaming events.

  • 50/50 or Reverse Raffle

    • TV
    • Best Seat in the House
    • Reserved Parking Spots
    • Pie your Team Leader or OP
    • Local Sports Team Tickets
    • Gift cards from local restaurants, stores/malls, or movie theatres
  • Casino Nights

    Not for the faint of heart! Lots of excitement and energy.

  • White Elephant Raffle

    Have fun with this raffle--everyone wins something. Come up with small and silly prizes like a paperclip or post-its then have other prizes such as free business card printing or VIP seats at regional meetings.