What is KW Cares?

KW Cares is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity created to support Keller Williams associates and their families in times of extreme hardship as a result of a sudden emergency. Hardship is defined as a difficult circumstance that a person or family cannot handle without outside help. This charity is the heart of the Keller Williams culture in action – finding and serving the higher purpose of business through charitable giving in the communities where our agents live and work. KW Cares was the brainchild of the agents of Keller Williams Realty and Mo Anderson, vice chairman of Keller Williams Realty, who took this dream and brought it to fruition. Today it is supported by all KW associates. KW Cares continues to support Keller Williams associates and their families. The charity is committed to supporting associates in need during times of local, regional, national, and personal crisis.

What is an "extraordinary challenge"?

An extraordinary challenge is an unforeseen and/or unpredictable emergency that is not of a recurring nature.

Who may apply for a KW Cares grant?

Associates of Keller Williams Realty (Associates) and their spouse/domestic partner, children, parents and siblings, and employees of Keller Williams Realty International (Employees) and their spouse/domestic partner, children, parents and siblings, faced with financial hardship due to unexpected major emergencies, are eligible to apply for KW Cares grants after a six month waiting period from their official KW start date. The waiting period is waived during natural disasters. The emergency must befall one of the qualified individuals (as defined above) or another relative living in the household of the qualified individual who is dependent upon the qualified individual.

What can I do if someone I know needs assistance from KW Cares?

If you or someone else in your market center needs emergency assistance, please review the criteria and process on the Grants page.

Who controls and manages KW Cares?

The board of directors is comprised of Keller Williams leaders from across North America. It determines policy, oversees and guides the mission of KW Cares, and makes grant awards.

Who is responsible for controlling and managing local needs programs and KW Cares fundraising activities on a local level?

Each market center should have a culture committee dedicated to supporting local needs and fundraising activities for Keller Williams Realty Cares, and a KW Cares representative who serves as the primary point of contact between KW Cares and the market center.

How can a market center help?

Market centers can accept the challenge to raise $30,000 annually for charitable giving, with minimally $3,000 for KW Cares' general fund. The remaining $27,000 is for charitable giving in the local community to help individuals in need or to be donated to a local charity(ies). Please see the How to Get Started page for more information.

What counts toward my market center's goal?

All monies raised for charity by a market center count. Proceeds from donations and fundraisers that are sent to KW Cares in Austin, funds raised to benefit a local charity or are used to assist an associate in need in your market center all count.

Does KW Cares keep track of each market center's progress toward its goal?

KW Cares tracks the donations that come into its bank account in Austin. Market center and region donations are reflected in the reports section of the KWRI Intranet. Fundraising proceeds for a market center's local fund or for a charity are not tracked by KW Cares. Each market center should track its progress toward its own goal.

How can donations be made to KW Cares?

Donations can be made through Greensheets, through donations of stock, by mailing in a check and by simply clicking on any of the Donate Now buttons here on our website.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Donations to KW Cares are tax deductible to the extent that the law allows. Monetary donations are generally 100 percent deductible. Goods that are donated for the approved KW Cares fundraisers may be tax deductible. KW Cares will acknowledge that an item was donated, but does not validate the value of the item.

Are donations that stay in my market center's local fund tax deductible?

Donations that are earmarked specifically for a 501(c)(3) charity, whether it is KW Cares or another registered charity, are deductible as allowed by law. Gifts from the market center to individuals are not. We recommend that market centers hold the funds for these two different purposes separately, so donors can be informed if their donations are tax deductible or not tax deductible.

Can the KW Cares federal tax ID number be used for local fundraisers not approved by KW Cares?

No. This federal tax ID number is applicable for this charity only.

Can a market center issue a receipt for tax purposes?

No. Receipts for donations made to this charity can only issued by KW Cares in Austin.

Where can I obtain the logo?

The logo is not available for public use because it belongs to the charity and cannot be shared for purposes of fundraising without the express written permission of KW Cares. This is to protect the charitable standing of the organization with the IRS. To ensure that the name or image is never used to market KW business, we strictly limit use of the logo to activities and events we have authorized. Please contact KW Cares at kwcares@kwcares.com for permission to use the logo in conjunction with an approved fundraiser, or submit the Fundraiser Agreement form. For additional questions, please e-mail kwcares@kwcares.com .